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The need and the desire deliver the dream and after the dream arrive the planning and building. When that moment comes, Eco SAM House is there for you at every step helping you to live in the home of your dreams as soon as possible. Having us by your side makes designing and constructing your modular house a fast, clean, safe process. And inexpensive as well.

So you just have to decide how to approach the project and what will be the scale of our participation in it. After that just let us do our job efficiently using our vast experience and high technological achievements. Then be ready to move in really soon in one of our prefab homes that are 100% ecological and can be turned into a passive house. This is an investment in personal happiness and a healthy environment for centuries ahead.

Make the first step to your perfect home today. We will be there for you all through the process so that it goes real smoothly.


Giving birth to an idea

First you picture the home of your dreams and then figure out what will be the budget for the realization of your idea. Consider the needs and wishes of your partner and family too as this will help you decide exactly what kind of modular house will truly reflect your life. Then see our standard eco friendly house designs. You may find your vision implemented in them or you may want a more personal input for uniqueness. Consult as many and as adequate people as possible in your circles, especially if there are architects among them.

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Choosing the right location

A fundamental element of the smooth construction of your perfect home is selecting the ideal location. Building an eco house of ours is possible on many and diverse terrains in every type of environment, including by the sea or in the forest. You can count on us to help you assess accurately all the factors for a successful implementation of our eco house design: orientation as exposition, type of terrain, proximity to other buildings or wild nature, yard situation, access to the house, etc.

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Clear budget
for maximum security

Keep in mind that the more you stick to our ready-made models of modular homes, the more beneficial it would be for your budget. From our very first meetings we will encourage you to share with us how much you are ready to spend, so that we make sure you will fit into these limits. Every step of the process will be transparent with carefully prepared documentation. Eventually we will fix a clear end price without any hidden additional expenses. This way you will be calm, safe and secure all through the process which is of enormous importance.

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Ready-made model
or implementing your vision

The next step is to assess whether you want a ready-made eco house design or you would like to make small modifications on it based on your ideas. The first option will be cheaper, as we have mentioned. In any case, our expert team of architects and designers will be at your disposal at all times. With their support and know-how, you will quickly find the perfect option for your needs, wishes, values and lifestyle.

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Structure and features
of your modular house

In the design phase decisions must be taken regarding the structure, materials and details. You may choose the eco house design in traditional style, which is particularly suitable for building in nature. Or you may go for eco friendly house designs in contemporary style with modernistic structures and urban features. It is up to you but one thing is for sure: Eco SAM House uses only 100% natural materials so your home will be in unison with nature. Read more

Project, design
and permits

After determining the budget framework and concurring your vision for the perfect modular house with our architects, they will shape the final version of the design. They will also handle all the procedures of obtaining permits, licenses and other documentation. This will save you a lot of time and nerves, sparing you all the bureaucratic hurdles. Finally, strict project deadlines are being stated and it is now time to move to the construction site.

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& Build

Permanent production line
& fast transportation
of modules

Our prefab houses are a rare breed for all of Europe. Rare, because they are largely assembled in advance in the factory but not as entire walls or even entire rooms. The modular wall system for home has three different elements in the outer and the inner wall with dimensions of 1.25 m width/ 2.62 m height. The ceiling and floor modules are composed of high quality wood, mineral wool insulation and wooden panels. The production of the components is certified by EU standards with 100% natural materials and is uninterrupted by the climate conditions. It is the reason why we always have enough supplies to deliver to your building site in a fast and safe way. The logistics of the modular house constructions, that were assembled in the factory, is facilitated by using ordinary trucks and not ones for oversized cargo. The modules in their exact as planned sizes are delivered on pallets with clear designation marks.

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Various options for building:
from the zero cycle to the finishing work

The eco house building is possible to carry out in each season and spares you time and worries. It uses the simple LEGO principle and the structure of the system doesn’t require any special professional qualifications. Thanks to the convenient sizes of the modules, they may be assembled with simple instruments: pneumatic screwdriver, brad nailer and rubber hammer. Even you can form your own brigade of handy friends who will be able to complete the zero cycle and the finishing work after short instructions. Building an eco house from the zero cycle to a construction with inbuilt windows takes only two weeks at most and represents about 25% of the whole timescale of the process. Also, just four skilled workers and four days are needed to assemble one of our prefab houses of 150 m2. You may contact us anytime for recommendations on hiring a crane and a team of workers. When the corpus is finished, the water pipes are being placed and there is a built-in hose in the modules for the electrical wiring.

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Rare opportunity to build
a passive house

You are searching for the perfect passive house design? Eco SAM House gives you the exceptional and very rare opportunity to convert your home to a passive house. As long as you have the desire, you will be able to satisfy your energy needs entirely from passive resources like solar panels or geothermal pumps. You won’t need any active heating and cooling systems. This way you will have a low-energy home with a high degree of comfort, clean air and constant temperature. The energy prices are growing higher and higher but, by implementing our passive house design, you will lower significantly your dependency on the gas and electricity distribution companies. Our modules meet all the required standards while many other methods of building don’t. Another important detail: you can always count on us for objective construction supervision and controlling the work of the subcontractors.

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& Maintenance

Complete harmony with
the environment and the soul

Living in a modular house brings incomparable cosiness and harmony with nature – both in terms of interior and exterior. Thanks to the 100% natural wood, a true feeling of home blossoms which you can’t get in an apartment or traditionally built house. This is a home where you always feel welcome and at ease from the first step you take inside. A home to which you can’t wait to return every time you go away. We may be one of the most progressive modular home manufacturing companies around but we offer you a log house that has passed the test of time. Truly connected with the environment and filled with warmness, quietness and peace, life at home has never been so natural. Home with a forest spirit.

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No enslavement
with the maintenance

You can now forget about the fear of losing so much time and money for maintenance, associated with buying a log house. The specially developed technologies for the production of the Eco SAM House modules marks the end of all risks of moisture and mold. This is a common problem with both the monolithic building and other types of prefab homes. Another huge plus of ours is the preliminary processing of our modules against termites. This way we make sure you don’t have to wear the burden of having regular checks for pests every few years – a common practice with many types of log homes. In this modular house you get all the benefits of living in a bigger space without the disadvantages.

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Optimal energy efficiency
for low expenses and bills

Our modular homes are 100% ecological with high energy efficiency and low heating, cooling and electricity bills. This is due to the excellent insulation characteristics of the 100% natural raw wooden material that we use in our modules. It retains the solar thermal energy until releasing it inside the rooms when needed. As we already mentioned, our eco house building designs and our modular home construction details meet all the required standards for a passive house while many other methods of construction don’t. So a low-energy modular house with a high degree of comfort, fresh air and constant temperature is now within your reach. And it will allow you to save money for more important and interesting expenditures.

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