Your modular contemporary
eco house

Healthy, stable and low-energy
home to live in

The modernistic modular eco friendly house:
an oasis of purity, peace and health

The need for your own private oasis, where you can live a simpler and more functional life in quietness, has never been bigger. As life outside becomes hastier, obscurer and more complicated than ever before, the necessity to have a place to detach yourself from all this madness grows. And the modular contemporary eco house that we offer grants you all this… and even more.

The combination of 100% natural materials, minimalistic details in urban style and extensive living areas guarantees you a peaceful, healthy and harmonious life. You will feel like you could breathe in this modernistic eco friendly house – a home that is covered in bright colours and light.

Characteristics of our
modular contemporary eco house

Modernistic exterior

The dream of a home with an own identity in the monotonous urban picture has never been closer to realization. The perfect use and integration of lines, the simple wooden module constructions, the huge windows… These and some more elements of the modernistic urban architecture make your modular contemporary eco house truly astonishing.


The rectangular and the square geometric shapes are still the most frequent when choosing prefab homes. Of course, there are also some irregular shapes and asymmetric lines that you could opt for in some of the corners of your contemporary eco friendly house. The pentagon/hexagon and the ellipse are not possible though – these forms do not concur with the principles of our specially developed system.


The modern home is characterized by more and larger windows compared to the traditional log house. Depending on the conditions, we could give you the options to use different types of windows – French, some kind of panoramic, etc. You can get the feeling of vast space with these kinds of views in our contemporary modular homes.


Different kinds of roofs could be used to get a symmetrical modernistic appearance for your modular contemporary eco house. Updated versions of the gable roof are still a popular choice. But the flat roof gains popularity for three main reasons: the problem with heavy rains and snow is eliminated with the new technologies of water discharging and drainage, they give you the option to use the space on top of the house and they are cheaper.


Using 100% natural wood makes sure there is a cosy atmosphere inside our modular contemporary eco house. The combination with other elements emphasizes even more this feeling of warmth and of vastness. The sensation of smoothness inside your home will grow if there is a beautiful view of the sea or the mountain through the large windows.

Low price
for high quality

Decades and decades of healthy living in a functional and low-energy eco house built by German quality standards. This exceptionally profitable investment is what you will get if you choose us. Our prices are absolutely competitive with properties corresponding in quality and area. So let us bring you to your new stunning home as soon as possible.

Where can you live
in a modular contemporary eco house

In the suburbs

Choosing a modular eco friendly house of the contemporary type seems totally appropriate when you have a green yard but you still live close to the city. The combination of urban modernistic details and the wood, harmoniously connected with nature, embodies the best of both worlds in your house. Simple and functional life in a simple and functional home.

By the sea

The light and resilient construction with wooden modules of our contemporary eco friendly house fits perfectly with the sea shore. Calm, quiet and harmonious life near the eternal blue water and golden sands: that is the dream of each and every city dweller. Our eco houses for sale offer you the perfect home for retreat and return to your inner self.

In the city

Our prefab houses are the perfect combination of elements for a modern residence in both the big city and the small town. Wooden modules plus large windows – these characteristics give you so much stability, space, light, quietness and fresh air. Such an investment in health and harmony makes our modular contemporary eco house so inexpensive and advantageous to you.

In the mountain

In the forest or just outside it – this seems the ideal habitat for people who adore nature. Eco house in the woods made of wooden modules feels like the most natural match possible. All the greenery around will merge completely with your home because of the materials that we use. And the optimal insulation technologies will make sure you enjoy quietness and warmth inside in the long cold winter nights.