These are some of the frequently asked questions to us.
If you want to learn more do not hesitate to contact.
We will answer all questions.


  • How large is your house going to be in square meters;
  • Will the project be carried out according to your own vision;
  • Which type of roof you will choose – gable or flat. The flat roofs are cheaper and more elegant;
  • Which type of heating you will select;
  • What materials will be used for the exterior of the house – mineral plaster, stone veneer, timber cladding, etc.


May we use our ready-made design for the construction of these houses?
Since compliance with a determined system is required in order to build one of our houses, it is imperative that our architects create the design. If they follow your individual wishes and instructions, the costs will be higher. You may choose one of our great standard models for eliminating the expense for the design of your house.


The process of the construction itself takes between one and two weeks.

The exploitation period of our houses is the same as with the monolithic building.