Your traditional
log house

In harmony with nature
on the outside,
so warm and quiet inside

The traditional log house:
an island of cosiness in
the ocean of our turbulent times

Because of today\'s furious pace of our lives and rapid development of the technologies we have never felt such a need for our own personal island of calmness. An island where we can return to the harmony of the old times. The traditional house has rooted in it this very spirit of peace and quietness. It builds the bridge to the past and thus transmits us to eternity via the testaments of the generations preceding us.

We strive to keep alive the culture and the way of life of our ancestors who were deeply connected with the mountains, the woods and nature in general. At the same time we use all the newest technologies which make your home truly ecological and low-energy. It is not by coincidence that our prefab homes depend exactly on the 100% natural wood as an intersection point between both philosophies: in harmony with nature on the outside and keeping the warmth and the quietness inside for an incomparable cosiness.

Let us introduce you to the home of your dreams – the traditional log house. An island of your own where you will stay untouchable for every storm or swelter.

Characteristics of our
traditional log house

Classic exterior

Pure forms and symmetry, beautiful walls in warm colours, flat and smooth surfaces. The Eco SAM House log cabin house has many of the typical characteristics of the traditional log homes. We offer different styling options which would allow you to apply even your own ideas in the design and the construction. In any case, you will have a charming looking home on the outside as an end result by choosing our log houses for sale.


The way your log house looks may be affected largely by its corners. The classic rectangular or square form is often the preferred one. There is also another type of customers who prefer unorthodox shapes in some of the corners. What is not possible for us though is helping you build prefab houses in ellipse, nor in pentagon/hexagon forms. This does not concur with the principles of the system that was specially developed by Eco SAM House.


The gable roof was, at least until the last 10-15 years, the classic choice for the traditional log house because it is simple and looks good on a log cabin house. But nowadays the flat roof is being preferred more often. The appearance of the new technologies of water discharging and drainage eliminated the problem with the heavy rains and snows which reversed the trend. Flat roofs have two huge advantages compared to the gable ones: they give you the option to use the space on top of the log house and are considerably cheaper.


The preferred choice when building a traditional log house are the windows in classic shapes. Rectangular or square, they make your home look perfect and have usually smaller sizes in comparison with the contemporary type of homes. Do not overlook the windows – they give a truly accomplished form to your traditional log house. The panoramic windows are an option as well if the conditions allow it. So are the French and other kinds.

Warm and cosy interior

There are many and different but invariably inspiring interior styles for your traditional log cabin house. It doesn’t matter if you have chosen a simpler or a more luxurious approach, one thing is for sure: the high quality wood used by Eco SAM House will provide you with maximum warmth and quietness for an unfelt until now cosiness and harmony. And if the view you have picked is forest green or navy blue, then you have finally found your home. Now you can concentrate on building new traditions in our modular homes.

Low prices vs.
high quality and

A calm and safe life for decades in the home of your dreams with more than competitive prices compared to properties of corresponding size and quality. This stunning investment is offered to you by Eco SAM House with its traditional prefab homes by German standards. High quality of building and high quality of life – that is what we strive for. Our aim is to propose stupendous log houses for sale for each one of you so then we can all start living in a cleaner world as soon as possible.

Where can you live
in a traditional
log house

In the mountain

What better place to build a traditional log cabin house than in the woods or just outside of them! All this greenery will interflow completely with your warm and cosy home in full harmony with nature. A house of wood surrounded by woods: so simple and yet so beautiful!

In the city

In the big city or in the small town, there is always a place for a traditional log house if you can manage to find the right place for it. Your home will then become a guardian of the old spirit and values in times of furious and mass monolithic building of modernistic structures.

By the sea

When you are by the sea, which exists from the very beginning of the world, you will never be wrong if you follow the path of the eternal traditions. The classic modular log house with its pure and symmetrical forms blends magnificently with the timeless perpetual lines of the sea and the beach.

In the suburbs

More space and greenery in comparison with the city – well, even for the suburbs the traditional log house is a marvellous choice. Your cosy new home will earn you the admiration and respect of your neighbours with its fast, quick and clean process of construction.